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At MyAIQ, we believe in imparting our AI expertise to the community.
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We are  Artificial Intelligence specialists. All our team members have years of industry experience in delivering data science and machine learning projects in diverse industries such as Aerospace, Academic Research, Corporate Finance, and ITES. In addition, all of them hold advanced degrees in Computer Science, Data Engineering, Signal Processing, and Statistics from prestigious international institutes. They are experts in translational data science – meaning they understand your business and your business’ language, to deliver specific AI solution crafted for your business.

Computer Vision

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Learning AI

Studying artificial intelligence opens a world of opportunities. AI is a field that keeps growing and changing, and the jobs you’re studying, for now, may evolve into something beyond your imagination by the time you begin working in the field.

AI-powered Startups

Thanks to the power of AI, start ups can find product-market fit faster through AI specialties like natural language processing, audience segmentation, and machine learning. AI can help entrepreneurs and small business owners create more successful operations by applying AI technology to sales, marketing, HR, and product teams.

AI-powered Decisions

Successful businesses thrive on good decisions. AI makes this easy for companies by doing a good job of organizing, classifying, and patterning data to give management better insight. Using machine learning algorithms makes it more feasible to predict future trade decisions. This can be used by companies to better understand the changing needs of their clients and make the necessary adjustments in advance.

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